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About TransAseco Finland

TransAseco offers transportation solutions tailored to customers needs. Our products will be distinguishead by a high level of service and competence.
TransAseco will provide solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve profit

Our Vision is to be the preferred partner for transportation solutions:

* Because we continually focus on our customers needs from a long-term perspective.
* Because our solutions result from uniqe market expertise and close dialogue with our customers.
* Because we are always up to date on market changes ans possibilities.
* Because of pervasive quality and service at all levels of the organization and at every link in the value chain.

Competitive edge

* Quality at all levels
* Recognised by customers, vendors and competitors as a reliable partner
* Professional and experienced staff
* Market oriented and flexible organization
* Sound financial status
* Financially strong owners


* Far East
* Australia and New Zealand
* India / Pakistan
* Africa
* Caribbean
* Latin America
* North America
* Middle East
* Mediterranean


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Warehouse TransAseco
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